Strategy for Small Business: Reconnect With the Visionary

Medium and large corporations spend a lot on outside resources to help them define or refine their organization’s vision.
But if you are a small business owner, you may see “vision” as one of those slick “corporate” things senior managers do at nice retreat locations.
Maybe you have been at those kinds of retreats at an earlier time in your career. Great plans are formulated and lots of enthusiasm is generated, but after the retreat, not much changes. It happens this way at many, if not most, planning sessions.
As a small business owner you don’t have to go that route. One of your great competitive advantages is not having a large bureaucracy that is seemingly change resistant.
You can define or reinvent your business vision, and then go about the work of bringing it into reality, step by step.
Many small business owners start with a vision. But the realities of survival and growth, and just getting work done, take over. The original inspiration can get lost. The passion and sheer joy, (along with the terror!) of starting your own business, can become diminished or even get lost, and with it the first vision that got you airborne.
I’d like to suggest that we as small business owners always need a vision of where our enterprise is headed. It is one of the most practical and powerful things you can do as a small business owner. If your vision is alive and absolutely real to you, day-to-day, please take this as encouragement to keep going.
But if that does not describe you, and if you are open to consider the role of vision, we hope this short series will be of help. We are talking about vision and its role for small business owners, to include the “What?”, “Why?”, and “How?” of vision.
We’ll start with the “What?” of vision next time, but for now may I offer this challenge if you are in the frame of mind to take a second look at the Vision issue.
Do a reality check on the current status of your business vision. Take just a little time to reflect on these questions:
• First, what is your vision of the business as you look out several years?
• How has the vision changed since you started the business?
• Do you need to refresh or rethink the “Vision” question?
• Is the “Visionary” who started your business (you) still going strong, or is it time to re-energize?
Next time we’ll discuss perspectives on exactly what is a “Vision.”

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