Make Money Online – Your Top 5 Management Actions to MMO

You can never hope to go from where you are to where you want, by just shutting your eyes and wondering off. Nobody can, in any walk of life, from sports to entertainment to making money online. Every success needs a plan and a definitive set of actions.
With the goal of making money from the web, you may have heard some people talk about a formula or secret or easy guide etc. They are all talking about a structure, starting with a plan.
Below are the 5 simple actions you must take. But before you can succeed you absolutely must see yourself as the “manager” of your business and not the employee.
You must be the person who works “on” the process of making money and not “in” it. So here are your duties as the captain of your website (and not the foot soldier):
1- Plan
Every good leader has a clear vision that he translates into a plan of execution. Decide where you want to be with your online business at a point in the future. Work backwards from the result to figure out how you will get there.
Be clear with your plans. If you can’t explain a step or portion of the process in simple terms then you don’t know it well enough.
That’s OK. Make a note and include some learning and research in your plan. Also make learning a continuous element of your online money making process.
2- Resource Your Plan
Make provisions for all the technical, financial and human resources in your plan. The last one is absolutely critical. Do your best to exclude yourself from as much of the legwork as possible.
Let experts do what they are best at and you stick to managing your money making machine. To get human resources at very low cost look up sites like Elance, Scriptlance, Odesk, Rentacoder and Guru.
3- Execute
A plan to make money online is just a plan and not money in the bank. You must set up a realistic schedule to execute the plan. In business, execution is everything.
No you don’t need a super clever idea or invention to make money online. You need to execute your web based online moneymaker plan brilliantly.
Look around you. There is no shortage of people who are making substantial money from very ordinary things from pizzas to websites. They execute their plans to earn money online very well.
4- Monitor
Systematically monitor your activities and the results of each single action. If you don’t do that, then you have no idea what makes money and what doesn’t.
Almost nothing in human activity succeeds first time and continues to be successful without monitoring. There are many tools and some excellent free ones that help you monitor your activities to make money from your website or blog. As an example, check out Google Analytics.
5- Improve
Test everything, improve every step of your money making process and very importantly repeat the process. How many successful athletes do you know who run the track once and say “hey that’s good enough”!
Repetition is the key to all skill and all success, including your home working business. But note, we are not talking about blind repetition. Rather, we’re talking about making tiny and simple improvements and again monitoring the effects.
The monitoring, improving and repeat actions are extremely simple but produce amazing financial results. Repeat the process a few times and people will think you have found a pot of gold. And I would say you have.
Making money online is easy if you do ‘not’ blindly follow what everyone else is doing. Instead focus on working ‘on’ your web based business and not ‘in’ it.

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