How To Create a Website Easily For Your Small Business

If you haven’t got a developer to create a website it’s quite easy these days to create small business website yourself.
There’s a great tool for free on the internet called WordPress. Basically it works like this:
First thing you’ve got to do is find a good domain name for your business. I would recommend going to Go Daddy or Name Cheap for this. Either site will cost you about $10.00 for an annual domain name registration.
I advise only getting a .com name because this is still the most recognized domain name extension on the internet. Other extensions but the don’t generate the same interest does and also your customers are more likely to remember your name with extension.
Only problem is that every one has now gone (except for spelling mistakes – don’t go there) and most two word combinations have gone too. However you can play around with it.
Registering a small business domain
Say for example you are developing a small business website around the product you are importing – solar roof panels. Without even needing to check – will have gone a long time ago but you can try add on words like: , or, , or, , just drill away at it until you are happy that it’s fairly catchy.
Next you are going to need a host to host your domain. Here I recommend Hostgator. Start with a Baby Plan for about $7 per month.
Now, go back to whatever company (Go Daddy or Name Cheap) you registered your domain name with and find Your Manager. Under settings you will want to change the Name Server Settings to and the second panel to .
Okay, check back onto your Hostgator C Panel after you’ve logged in (it takes you straight there) after about an hour – this is about how long it takes to get the domain name across and go down until you reach a panel’ Domains’ click on Add On Domains and enter details of your domain name – things happen fairly automatically here.
Next, go back to your C Panel and go down to Software/ Services and click Fantastico De Luxe. You will be taken to a new page and at the top left about five down click on WordPress. You will then be asked if you would like WordPress as a new installation. Click on new installation and start filling out details of your domain (remember to write down your User name and Password so you can login to your new WordPress site. WordPress will then start installing and will then ask for your email to send you the new link.
Boom – you’ve just created your new small business website.
Go to Small business Websites, how to use WordPress in Articles and we’ll now show you how to get your site up and running. It’s fairly easy, no coding required unless you want to add links to other sites, but we can even show you how to do that.

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