Home Based Business Ideas – Personalize and Make Money!

The ideas for home based businesses are abound. And the options to start on a small scale to test the markets are often very good ideas. Investment can be kept at a minimum and some prototypes of the products can be made to gauge the reaction of the customer base. One such option is to start a personalized book store from home. Kids these days have a lot of variety of books to pick from and often parents are at a loss as to which books to introduce them. Handpicking good books and having some contacts with children’s book authors can go a long way in making this a successful business option.
Personalized books are a great idea since they weave a beautiful tale from parts and elements of the kid’s life into a magical story. This makes the kids very happy and these make great birthday gifts for children. It is also helpful in creating the interest to read and fosters good habits in children. Parents are very happy with such a venture and this can be the unique selling point of your business venture.
The question always arises as to how to begin such a venture. Several people take it through the medium of the internet for the simplest reasons that its got a wide customer reach through all the networking sites and the ease with which mailing lists can be created. And another reason being the over head costs of printing and publishing can be minimal at the start of the business.
If the business takes off in a big way, one can get a customized designer on the team to churn out some very crafty and innovative book ideas. The presentation goes a long way in making it attractive to the children and parents alike. Illustrative books can also be an option with simple illustrations that are very effective.
The best way to advertise such an option is to target the places where there are many kids! Day care centers can be one such option where you can leave flyers for the parents to see. Maybe leaving a sample of your work for the prospective customers is also an idea. Advertisements in local magazines or the papers are another option that can be tried out. Flyers can be printed using some innovative designing and if one is tech savvy a basic website can also be designed.
Once established as a successful business, consider branching out to other areas and products. Personalized baby books are another growing market. New first time parents are always looking out for a way to immortalize their baby’s first time things. Designing such a personalized product is a great way to store all the memories and they also make great gifts! So pull out all the stops and come up with great personalized book ideas. There is great market for them! If one is enterprising personalized gifts can be a further expansion plan. Make yourself the go-to person for all gifts personalized!

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