Grow Your Home Business With New and Clever Keyword Family

The starting point for a new keyword list is of course the nature of the internet home business. For instance you can take as your root keyword the term home business and with Google Keyword Tool then to build a list of related long tail keywords. If your home business already has a good traffic, you can concentrate only on big demand phrases.
1. The Target Is The First Page.
The idea of a successful home business marketing is to reach the first page with a particular keyword. This is the way, how the landing page can enjoy about an organic and residual traffic during a long period of time. If it looks, that the site ranking responds sensitively to new article submissions, it is wise to try to get the first position.
The good ranking means a good traffic, but there is also another source of traffic. That comes from the home business article directories. Webmasters seek new ideas for their businesses or new articles to be published in their sites and blogs. This is an opportunity to a home business entrepreneur.
2. Follow The Traffic With Analytics.
Google has a free traffic analyzer called Google Analytics. You submit a short piece of HTML code into your site and will get all those useful information. The most interesting data is, where your visitors come from. This tool tells the sources. Are they article directories, search engines, social bookmarking sites or direct referrers.
3. Write First One Article For Every Keyword.
When you have a new keyword list, so called keyword family, you cannot know, how these niches will react to your ranking efforts. You can research the page ranks of the competitors or to use some keyword software, which will let you know the toughness of the competition, but unfortunately none of these ways is accurate.
The only way to see, whether your article submissions will increase the search engine rankings is to check it manually. Usually, the high page rank article directories can lift your article quickly quite high on the result page. This is a promising sign for your site also, but a webmaster has to remember that the rankings will change slowly.
4. Replace The Non Reacting Keywords With New Ones.
After the webmaster has got enough information from Analytics and checked the rankings, he can see, how different keyword niches respond to his efforts. There will be niches, which do not develop as planned and those keywords must be replaced with new ones quickly.

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