Get a Website for Your New Small Business, Period!

Getting a website for your new business is no longer a when-we-get-around-to-it option. You select a name for your new business. You print-up some business cards and maybe even develop a basic brochure about your new business. The next thing you do is get a website, period, because, for most of today’s customers if your business is not on the Web, you don’t exist.
As an absolute minimum, your new business should have at least an informational website about your business, about who you are and what you do. Yes, pretty much the same thing you have in your brochure.
Don’t make the mistake of dismissing the Internet as some kind of techie thing only populated by 12-year old propeller-heads with no life. With something like three-quarters of Americans accessing the Internet more or less regularly, the Internet’s definitely gone mainstream. More than half of those online are women and the fastest growing age group on the Internet is the gray-temple crowd. No matter what business you’re in, many of your customers or potential customers are already online and there is no doubt that most or all of your customers of the future will be.
Now, I am not talking here about a big and elaborate website with lots of bells and whistles. Yes, those can be very costly. Rather, I am talking about perhaps a few hundred dollars to have a website designed initially and uploaded (put on the Internet) and hosted (taken care of by folks who know what they’re doing).
Just think, unlike that TV ad that ran just once and is now gone, your website will be there 24 / 7 / 365, patiently waiting to tell your story to anyone who types in your name into a search engine.

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