Business Ideas For The Best Customers on Earth

If you could chose to have just one advantage going into business, what would it be?
Some might want to purchase inventory at a great discount. Some might want to be able to advertise cheaply. Some might choose a business that is looked upon favorably by the government. Some might choose a business that could be started small and then scaled to unlimited size.
Any of these would create a great advantage for the businessman just starting out.
But all of these overlook the very best advantage. One that would quickly launch any business venture to success.
A starving crowd!
You could buy the cheapest products, get great, inexpensive ad space, have a business that is looked upon favorably by government regulators, and one that you could start small with the potential to grow big. But if no one wants to buy your product, you’ve got a big problem.
However, if you have a starving crowd that absolutely demands your product, it could be expensive, have outrageous ad costs, bureaucratic chaos, and you’d still have a great leg up on success because people would buy it no matter what.
Just look at the phenomenal success of products like the iPad. No one really needs one, but they are starving for the next one. But launching a high tech empire is out of reach for most.
Business opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing you should not go into business without is a starving crowd.
Easy access to customers you can serve with a high value product or service is the one essential you must have before going into any business venture.
Customers should be easy to find, easy to contact, have ready access to money for purchasing your product or service, and the ability and authority to make the buying decision.
Fortunately, there is one group of people who meets all of these requirements. Business owners.
Although they represent a small fraction of the population, they still number more than 15 million in the U.S alone. More importantly, in every country on Earth, they hold most of the money.
Business owners are used to making decisions, often quickly. You can find them easily just by looking in the phone book. You have all their contact information right there, free for the taking.
Is it any wonder then, that companies who sell to other businesses have a much lower failure rate than businesses that sell directly to the mass consumers?
Starting a business that caters to business people is a great way to tip the scales of success in your favor.
What products or services do they need?
One of the most universal concerns of business people is they just don’t seem to have enough time. If you’re looking to start a new business, there are many opportunities to offer time saving products or services to busy executives.
They have the money to spend and they have the need. They can make buying decisions quickly and justify the expense easily because by freeing up their time, you let them create even more wealth in their main business.
Right now you have a starving crowd that waits for you, money in hand. Showing up with a time saving product or service is a great way to launch your next real money making business

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