As the Economy Continues to Recover, More Small Businesses Turn Their Attention to Growing Again

The race is on. Now that the economy is showing signs of recovery, more businesses are turning their attention to growing again. But do you remember what it takes to grow your business?
Given the length and depth of the recent recession, most companies have been in survival mode for so long they’ve lost sight of what drives business growth. Along with the uncertain economy, new technologies and increased competition have combined to further complicate the buying and selling dynamics. And now you find yourself faced with getting your business back on the fast track and wondering where, when and how to start.
In the initial phase of the three-phase business growth curve, most businesses start growing by discovering a pattern of success as they focus on their startup initiatives and product development. After identifying the growth curve pattern of success that applies to your business, the next step is to fully focusing your sights and resources on what works and downplay what doesn’t. All too often, businesses are so intent on fixing what’s broken and overcoming their weaknesses that their strengths are compromised and their efforts are divided.
So how do you know for sure what’s working for your business and what’s not? The sure-fire way is to apply market research and analytics to assessing, testing and building on the best of what you do. Know all you can about your most loyal customers and biggest spenders. Evaluate your products and services and showcase your best sellers and drop the duds. Finally, carefully plan and prioritize your marketing initiatives and be sure to leverage the efficiencies and effectiveness of online marketing.
Ready, set, grow!
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