A Guideline for Small Business Web Hosting

When you are running a business, the need to create a website for it has become essential simply because of the following reasons:

When the customers are finding you online, you are building up your credibility at the same time.

It makes it easier for prospective customers to learn what your business is all about, its history, location and everything.

You will be able to reach a far greater geographical area.

You will be able to build up marketing strategies that are very low cost as well.

Here are some of the basic requirements that a website for a small business might need:

The web hosting plan is most important and it depends a lot on your requirements in terms of speed, reliability, functionality as well as bandwidth. If your company is very small, you will be able to make do with a shared or virtual web hosting plan. In terms of reliability, you can expect an uptime of nearly 99.9% and that is quite good. Moreover, high speed is also required in order for the clients to get the information quickly.

The size of the disk that you will end up using will largely depend on the data you would want to upload on your webpage and even then, it will hardly exceed 100 MB. You might as well find out that there are several companies that give you the chance to take up disk spaces ranging between 5 GB and 10 GB. What I would suggest is that you take it because the disk space does not cost too much money.

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Considering the number of email accounts, a web hosting company that is targeting small businesses will easily give you around 100. The most support system for e-Commerce such as Pay Pal, Shopping Cart and the support of SSL is essential.

The location of the server is one of the most important things under consideration and it is better that the server be nearer to the target than the source. For example, if you are targeting the American market and your business is in the United Kingdom, it is better that you get a web host that will give you a server in America. This will give the target client greater speed and accessibility and hence, it will provide you with better business.

It is better that you have professional support from the people of the web host each and every day of the week, whenever any kind of assistance is required. There are some web hosting companies that has set up support centers for very little cost as well.

For the promotion of the website, the need for SEO tools is quite justified and there are some web hosting companies that do provide this service if you are not well versed in it.

Web design tools are also of immense importance and the most basic HTML skill will go a long way in helping you set up your web page on the internet.