3 Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Website

An important ingredient to having a successful website or business is to get more traffic. Traffic is our modern day gold rush. Everyone wants it, some already have it but most have not the slightest clue on how to get it. Search engine optimization is a great way to get more traffic but you need some type of experience or must be willing to pay a company top dollar for their services. Pay per click advertising is also a great way to get more business but again you’ll need the expertise in order to launch a successful campaign.
So what is the secret way to generate some traffic? Give something away for free! It is a fact that people love free things and giving away either your service or products for free (or even a $25 iTunes gift card) will spark peoples interest and in return you’ll get more traffic. Follow these simple steps below to launch an online sweepstakes on your own website.
1. Come up with a prize and plan the details of the giveaway. Whether it is your own product/service or it’s a small $25-$50 gift card that’s all you’ll need. Set a date and time of when you’ll pick a winner. Make sure you follow any state or federal laws concerning sweepstakes. You will need some type of official rules in place but please contact a lawyer if you are unsure. (We are advertisers, not lawyers so get advice if you need it)
2. Develop a way for entering. If you run a blog this is simple. Have them submit a comment on your blog that they have entered. If you do not have a commenting system on your website then have them subscribe to your newsletter in order to enter. If you don’t have a newsletter then get one! If you want to get more traffic you will need to interact with your users. Mail Chimp is a great way to get your newsletter started and it’s free.
IMPORTANT! Social networking can do wonders in terms of traffic so make sure your users either share your giveaway on Facebook and/or retweet it. You can even make that an official rule for entering. This will help spread the word to their friends.
3. Launch the giveaway! It is time to give that great prize away. A great way to list a free giveaway is at Online . You’ll automatically get some people visiting your website and entering. If you have a twitter account, tweet about it and also if you have a Facebook account post it on your wall. After the sweepstakes has ended you can pick a winner from your list and send them the prize.
Is this an unethical way to get more traffic because your bribing them with gifts? Absolutely not! Promoting your website by giving something away for free is just another form of advertising. Think about it, you would blow through 25 dollars on a Google AdWords campaign in possibly a week or even a day and may not get one lead. If you hold a giveaway once a month people will return to your site and hopefully turn into buying, happy consumers.
Have fun with it!

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