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How To Create a Website Easily For Your Small Business

If you haven’t got a developer to create a website it’s quite easy these days to create small business website yourself.
There’s a great tool for free on the internet called WordPress. Basically it works like this:
First thing you’ve got to do is find a good domain name for …

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Why a Small Business Needs to Lease Expensive Equipment

When starting a business that requires expensive equipment, you might find that the financial resources that you have are not adequate enough to meet the costs. So, what do you do in such a scenario? Consider the options that you have and those that the market can provide you with. …

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Google My Business

Running a Home Business – The Pros and Cons

During our pursuit of the mighty dollar, it’s difficult to find stability (let alone get ahead), so many people look in to running a home business. In my opinion, running a home business is the most viable option, simply because the alternatives aren’t very promising. Getting ahead using say, a …

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Few Home-Based Business Ideas to Get You Part Time Income

Generating a substantial income by working from home is now a lot more of a reality today, than it has ever been, probably in history. There are several home based business ideas available today, that are capable of generating a decent part time income, and a lot of these opportunities …